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Teaching Staffs-2018

  • Well qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers with knowledge of child psychology, who have taken teaching not only as a profession, but also as a passion.
  • Teachers continuously appraised of latest developments in the field of teaching including modern teaching methodologies.
  • KRCS has highly qualified and trained staffs who are capable to impart a comprehensive and stable programme of study to its students without compromising on the core values and ethics of our culture.
  • The school aims at creating cordial environment through its world-class infrastructure and co – curricular activities for the overall personality development of the child by training a spirit of hale and hearty competition, team work for positive contributions towards the family and community as a whole.
  • An enthusiastic and thoroughly professional faculty ensures the overall growth of each student with an innovative and humanistic educational approach.
Kumadvathi Residential Central School, Shikaripura
Sl.No Name of the Staff Qualification Designation
1 Prof. S. S. Gadag M.Sc. B.Ed. Academic Advisor
2 Dr. K. S. Dattatri M.A. M.Com. MBA, B.Ed. Ph.D.(D.Lit) Principal
3 Mrs.Geetha S Banakar M.A, B.Ed Vice Principal
4 Mr. Prabhu R. B.Sc, M.Ed Wellness Teacher and Teacher in Mathematics
5 Mr. Srinivas T G M.A, M.Ed, P.G.D.Y Teacher in Kannada
6 Mr. Nagaraja S.P. M.Sc, B.Ed Teacher in Mathematics
7 Mr. Halesh D.B. M.Sc, B.Ed Teacher in Mathematics
8 Mrs. Vani V Ikkeri M.A, B.Ed Teacher in social science
9 Mr. Nisar Ahmed B.A, B.Ed Teacher in Hindi
10 Mr. Naveen Kumar S B M.A. B.Ed. Teacher in English
11 Ms. Shaziya Khanum B.Sc, B.Ed Teacher in Mathematics
12 Mr. Kumar B.A. B.Ed. Teacher in Social Science
13 Ms. Usha N S M.Sc. B.Ed. Teacher in Mathematics
14 Mrs. Karuna V Shirur M.Sc. B.Ed. Teacher in Chemistry & Biology
15 Ms. Suchitra G S M.A. B.Ed. Teacher in English
16 Mr. Raghavendra Kumar J B.A. M.A. Teacher in Kannada
17 Mrs. Baliga Qamer M.A. B.Ed. Teacher in social science & English
18 Mr. Bahusaheb Chavvan B.A. B.Ed. Teacher in Hindi
19 Mr. Veeranna Shintri M.C.A. Teacher in Computer Science
20 Mr. Somashekar C M.A B.Ed. Teacher in English
21 Mrs. Nandini M S B.A. B.Ed. Teacher in Social Science
22 Ms. Anupama V M.A. D.Ed. Teacher in English
23 Ms. Shruthi B K B.Sc. B.Ed. Teacher in Mathematics
24 Ms. Geetha M M.A. B.Ed. Teacher in Kannada
25 Mr. Girish S B.A. B.Ed. Teacher in Kannada
26 Mrs. Roopa M B.A. B.Ed. Teacher in Hindi
27 Mrs. Laxmi A M B.A. D.Ed. Teacher in Science
28 Ms. Deepa S L B.A. D.Ed. Teacher for English
29 Ms. Shwetha A V B.Com, B.Pd. Diploma inYoga Physical Education Teacher
30 Mr. Ravikumar B M M.P.Ed. Physical Education Teacher
31 Ms. Anitha D P.U.C. D.Ed. Teacher for UKG
32 Mrs. Gnaneshwari B S B.A. D.Ed. Teacher for UKG
33 Mrs. Saraswathi PUC. NTC Teacher for LKG
34 Ms. Sudha Patil SSLC NTC Teacher for LKG
35 Mr. Chandrashekar D.Mc. Am. Gd. M.F.A Drawing Teacher
36 Mr. Mithun D B B.Com. Black belt third don degree in Karate, Black belt diploma in Judo. Karate teacher
37 Mrs. Savitha Sugama Sangeetha Music Teacher
38 Mrs. Shubha Nayak Diploma in E & C Teacher in Computer Science and CBSE Correspondent
39 Ms. Vijayalakshmi G.R M.Com F.D.A
40 Mrs. Pavithra D S M.Lib Librarian
41 Mr. Shivaraja R B.A. M.S.W Hostel Warden