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  • Fresh hygienic food is provided as per the schedule.
  • Fresh nutritious and tasty afternoon lunch will be served to all the students.
  • A well balanced nutritious food is served in the school as per the dietician’s suggestion. The menu is prepared only for Vegetarian food. Fresh fruits and milk are always in the menu. Both students and staff members dine together.
  • Everyone must be on time for all the meals in the dining hall. Entry in the dining hall must be done briskly and quietly. Everyone should stand in his / her place patiently before and after breakfast, lunch, dinner for Grace to be said. Every student has a fixed place at his / her own house table.
  • Any student who enters the dining hall after Grace should get himself permitted by the housemaster. They should not talk loudly or shout across the dining table. Decency and decorum must be maintained in the dining hall. Students should not grab things and should not spill food on the table. Food must not be taken out of the mess by any student.
  • If any guest comes to a table to have a meal, all students should show due respect to his / her presence at the table.
  • Students are expected to be on time for all meals. In exceptional cases where a student is held up due to some work, he / she should have a note from the teacher concerned or the housemaster. Students should not litter the area, dustbins have been placed and students are not permitted to bring any sort of tuck into the dining hall.
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