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School Values

           “If there is nobility in heart there will be beauty in character. If there is a beauty in character, there is harmony at home, there will be order in Nation. If there is an order in nation, there will be peace in the world.”


         Keep in mind the following guiding principles and practice them sincerely, which will take you towards perfection.

  • Respect your elders, Love and respect our Motherland.
  • Be friendly with others.
  • Learn to appreciate others for their individuality.
  • Develop a concern for others well-being.
  • Respect the beauty of the school premises.
  • Avoid vulgarity in talk and behavior.
  • Follow a truthful course.
  • Be calm and composed.
  • Be Clean, neat and tidy.
  • Be just and right in your action.
  • Enjoy working in a team.
  • Accept assigned work cheerfully.
  • Be ever filled with zeal and ceaseless enthusiasm.
  • Try to achieve the height.
  • Practice good traditions, develop scientific attitude and have a sterling character.

Norms for Pupil’s Conduct

  • Strict discipline is maintained regarding student’s behavior, punctuality, regularity, cleanliness, appearance and uniform.
  • Every pupil should be regular in submitting home assignments.
  • The medium of instruction is English.
  • Students should be very careful in handling the school properties. Such as furniture, electronic gadgets, lab items etc., Care should be taken to protect School property. Parent/guardian of the child will be responsible for the damage done to the school property and it has to be replaced.
  • Students are not allowed to collect any funds. No collection of money for any purpose should be done without a written memo from the principal.
  • Presenting gifts to staff members is prohibited.
  • Books, cardigans bags shoes and other articles brought to school should have the name of the student and standard marked on them. Students must look after their personal items and school will not be held responsible for the loss of personal items, property brought by the students to School.

The following behavior on the part of student will be taken as offenses and such students will be liable for punishment.

  • The use of indecent or abusive languages.
  • Rudeness to staff members.
  • Disobedience to staff or violation of School rules Cheating, Lying, stealing and rudeness to fellow students.
  • Damaging School property or spoiling School library books.
  • Not wearing correct or proper uniform, irregularity in work.
  • Not being punctual to class or assembly.
  • Bringing book, pictures, magazines, comics, mobile phones, audio or video aids.
  • Misbehavior in class or during assembly or in the absence of the teacher.
  • Habitual late coming.
  • Leaving the School premises without permission.