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For Parents

Guidelines to Parents

  • Hostel stay is available for the students from 5th standard and above.
  • Parents are allowed to meet their wards in the hostel once in a month i.e., every second Sunday of the month. In case of emergency, prior permission has to be sought from the Principal.
  • Parents are informed to wait in the visitors’ room to meet their wards in the school or in the hostel. They are not allowed to enter classroom or inside the hostel or school premises.
  • Parents are informed not to give cash or valuables to their wards. They can deposit it in the student’s bank account.
  • Telephone calls are allowed only on Saturdays and Sundays. No Telephone calls will be connected to children during class hours.
  • The year plan is supplied to the parents in advance.Do not insist your wards to attend functions. The vacation schedule should be strictly followed.
  • Parents should seek prior permission of the principal in writing to get leave for their wards.
  • Parents are not allowed to either stay in the hostel or take their wards outside to stay during their visit.


  • Parents are allowed to take their children out overnight as per the School norms that too with the prior permission of the House Master / House mistress. While going out of the School, students must be smartly dressed in School blazer. They must carry their identity card with them and the copy of the Gate Pass.
  • Leave of absence may be granted to a student during the term on the following grounds :In case of serious illness of the parents in the family, a tragedy of a very near relative, to attend the marriage of a real brother / sister. Applications for such leave should be sent in advance by the parents to the Principal.
  • The student will be granted leave for two days only to attend the ceremony, besides the time required for traveling. Parents will be responsible for traveling arrangements.
  • Any student who should go to home for a regular medical check-up may be allowed to go provided his parents has taken the Headmaster’s permission in advance. Such visits should be on weekend and end on Sunday.
  • If internal examinations are not being conducted in the School a student may be given leave to take an External Examination provided the parents have taken the Principal’s permission in advance.
  • Medical Leave for illness may be given by the Principal on the recommendation of the Resident Doctor.